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How to reduce data usage on Android phones


In the past few years data consumption has really increased and when I say increase believe me it is high than ever, solution is to reduce data usage on android phone

I made my research and saw that are many methods that can help reduce our data usage if done the right way.

How to reduce data usage on android phone

The methods are as follow:

1. Set limit for your data usage

This has been really helpful as it help you get notified when you cross a certain amount of data, it turns off your data connection when you cross the data limit. You can turn on the mobile data network again if only you want to continue browsing without minding the data usage.

You can activate the data usage limit by opening phone Settings >>  Mobile/Cellular Networks >> Data Usage >> Set Mobile/Cellular data limit >> Now set the data limit e.g 200MB.

This will guide your data usage and notify when you cross the limit.


2. Stop app background usage

I got this secret during my research that there are some apps that use your data even when they are not in use, these apps uses your data secretly without letting you know.

Background data help keeps your phone updated even when the screen is off awake when you turn on your data network.

Actually some apps don’t really need the background data and thereby it’s a total waste of data. Fixing or stopping the apps from accessing background data can really be of help to you.

To fix the background data usage go your Phone Settings >> Mobile/Cellular Networks >> Data Usage then you will be able to see information on apps that has been using most of the data in the background.

Proper statistics will be given to you on each app; you will be shown the foreground and background usage of the app.

While foreground data occurs when you actively using the app and background when you are not and it is required to sync, by clicking on the app then unto Restrict Background Data Usage you will be able to stop it from using data in background.


3. Use data saver in your browser features

You can minimize your data usage by using data saver in your phone browser, this can help compress the web content you are meant to load with your data to small size thereby saving you data usage.

Browsers such as Chrome, Opera Mini and UC Browser can be of help in saving data usage.

Chrome being the most used browser offers you the feature of loading WebPages in lite mode and saving data and so is Opera Mini compressing WebPages and data download.

Some of the recently produced phones come with the feature of activating and optimizing data usage, this is a great feature actually to reduce data usage on android phone.

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4. Minimize Account Sync Settings

Minimizing account sync settings can save lots of data usage if done right, account syncing are turned by default to keep app activeness updated.

Some apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are such caught in the act of syncing files like videos and photos thereby leading to higher level of data consumption.

Most of Google apps doesn’t need the account syncing feature, if not necessary then it’s worth turning off because it consumes data and battery life.

To turn it off go to your Phone Settings >> Accounts >> Google. Then you can turned off apps that are not necessary.

Then you can reduce data usage on android phone.

5. Use data saving apps

This is quite good too and a better way to track and manage your phone data usage, also the best way to save data. I have one app in mind that does this type of job efficiently, giving you the result.

Datally is an app specially created to help you monitor data usage real-time. This app provides instant data usage stats, it shows on screen data usage stats on apps you are using presently and can monitor data usage trend over the days or week.

It also help in optimizing and compressing data usage with good data network provision, this is a great feat as it come free with no ads.

I hope you learned how to optimize data usage. Don’t forget to like, share and comment on this post.

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