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How to make money as a freelancer

make money as a freelancer

It’s literally no news that you can make money as a freelancer, yet some people still haven’t discovered this method of earning.

This post is to enlightening you on how to get on the right money earning track and to give you clear insight on how to really earn a living off freelancing work then make money as a freelancer.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is whole wide world of buyers and sellers, both having their wants and needs satisfy by exchanging policies.

A buyer is the person in need of services in the freelancing marketplace, services such as web designing, web content writer, SEO doing, graphic designing and others. A seller is ready to buy the skills of the seller at a bid price to start with.

A seller (freelancer) is the one with the skill and ready to offer services at a fixed price produced by the buyer to carry out a service, it’s either pay by milestone or pay after full service.

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is someone with idea, skills and talent to offer amazing service to those who are ready to buy the skill into more helpful outcome for their own gain.

A freelancer is more on the profitable side as you get to convert your amazing ideas into reasonably income for you.

 How to get started as a freelancer

Getting started is pretty easy, start the freelancing life by going into the freelancing world.

1. Find out what you’re good

You are needed to find out your skills before applying to become a freelancer , skills such as web designing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic designing, Content writing, Copy writing and others.

Such skills are needed by buyers; if you have no skills then you are not worth hiring. Buyers hire seller based on the skills they need from them to complete their own project.

The skills filled in your profile will pop you up when a buyer in interested in this king of skills for project.


2. Fill in your profile

A profile is the next step, filling your profile gives your total description. It shows what you are good at, your skills, your idea and talent that can help buyer’s project.

This will create an urge for them to hire you, since you will give your level of expert in various skills in your profile.

This tends to let the buyer know what you are worth, for example, you tell the buyer how much you will charge per hour/milestone.

Your profile will show if you are worth the price or not.

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3. Search for projects and submit proposal

This is where the real journey begins, when you search for projects based on your skills, you need to submit proposal and when I say proposal, you need to write intriguing proposal to make the buyer want to offer you the jobs.

This is because there will be lots of other seller who offer the same service as you, that’s why you need to clear your head and write proposal that buyer are looking for.

There are lots of jobs being posted day by day, start working nonstop to boost your profile and get more buyers running after you.

When you bid for work, make sure you submit proposals with honesty, don’t post what you can’t do.

Trust is needed when submitting proposal, if you are found that you are not true to your words then you’ll be missing out.


4. Work on awarded jobs

This is the stage where you get to work, once you are accepted by a buyer to work on his/her.

Projects make sure you give it your personal best by working based on agreement policy

You must be efficient to get more job offer; completing jobs on time will give you more boosted profile.

You must be concerned about giving buyer total good work result as it will increase their

confidence in you, you must keep in contact with the buyer at all cost to keep updating the job level.

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5. Get paid for your hard work

Now is the time to make some money, you get paid as soon as you are done with the work at hand, now you can boosting your regular income then start to make money as a freelancer.

Here are the lists of freelancing site to start with
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

I am sure as you’ve learn to earn make money as a freelancer, you will be able to make some cash online


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